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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of talk therapy that can be used to treat addiction. You discuss your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with a mental health professional during CBT. CBT teaches you that how you think affects how you feel and act. This therapy is very beneficial in early recovery because it teaches you how to effectively identify problematic and destructive behaviors that could negatively impact your recovery. At our alcohol detox center in Arizona and our long-term drug and alcohol treatment programs, you can practice identifying and modifying your behaviors in a safe and supportive environment.

With the expertise of our trained staff, you will learn different techniques to observe behaviors and thought patterns that lead to relapse. After learning to identify relapse patterns, you know how to reformat your thinking to avoid falling into old behaviors. By understanding these techniques, the risk of a relapse is significantly reduced.
Those who enter treatment for substance use often struggle with a negative perspective on life and themselves. This thought process could have affected your previous attempts at sobriety and treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in drug treatment allows you to develop a new, more positive, solution-oriented thinking pattern.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is also helpful in learning how to handle life differently.CBT provides a problem-solving approach to restructuring behavior. While no one can control other people or situations, CBT teaches clients techniques to control how they perceive and react to a particular situation and skills to change their thinking. This helps you manage your reactions to stressful people and situations, which is vital in early recovery.

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