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Family Therapy

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Family Therapy

We recognize that family is an essential part of recovery for anyone. Just as disease, addiction, and co-dependence can permeate the family structure, so can recovery.

Who we are has a lot to do with the environment we grew up in, so the path of recovery often leads to the possibility for growth and change within that original family structure. Family issues are addressed regularly as part of your treatment plan at PAC Program.

Recovery within the family structure will require a significant transition for everyone involved. There are beneficial 12-step programs available everywhere for families in this process. We also encourage all family members to seek support and counseling through this process.

Within the first few weeks of treatment, you and your primary therapist will begin to prepare for a family session. We ask that families be available for sessions as part of the treatment process. The schedule is relatively flexible, and multiple sessions may sometimes be required to accommodate the various family components. Any questions about the program’s specifics may be addressed with your primary therapist and our family counselor.

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